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Organic, eco, ethical... we explain the differences

We've now labeled all of the products on our website to make it easier to understand what you are buying:


This means your garment is 100% organic cotton. Our organic cotton garments are primarily manufactured by Stella Stanley in Bangladesh. They do not use slave labour and support women and their communities through extensive training programmes.


This means your garment is 80% organic cotton plus and is also mixed with another fibre, for example polyester.​ These products are also are primarily manufactured by Stella Stanley.


This means produced responsibly. The manufacturing of this garment is lawful, ethical, and safe to the workers and environment. These products are are primarily manufactured by Bella + Canvas.


Each item of clothing is printed according to your colour and size specifications. This uses less water and there is less wastage. Carefully developed water based, non toxic and environmentally friendly inks are used. The services between the manufacturer are also fully automated and paperless. Printing on demand is much more responsible as there is no end of season rail that ends up in a landfill.


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