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Thank you so much for your patience!

We've been through quite a lot in the last 3 months as the print-on-demand industry has evolved and as a valued customer, we'd like to take the time to explain to you what we have been dealing with...

Just before Christmas, our chosen print-on-demand provider informed us that they were no longer able to ship outside of Europe due to COVID-19 restrictions. We had to quickly find an alternative provider who could deliver outside of Europe but this meant a significant change in the products available. We are really sorry about the disappointment that this caused.

We also understand how frustrating it has been for those customers who had to wait longer than we estimated for your order. Unfortunately this was a worldwide issue that was beyond our control but certainly not the experience that we wish for you to have whilst shopping with us!

Better quality products and service

We have found some solutions and now have the same print-on-demand provider and product range, for all of our customers worldwide. You will notice that there has been a price increase - this is in line with the better quality products and printing that we are now able to offer you. In addition, regardless of which country you are ordering from, there are no hidden extras added at checkout and we do not make any profit on our shipping prices, as these are set by the print provider. We hope you will agree that these changes are for the better.


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